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Release 3 (R3) 11/16/23

Mac OS Sonoma: No Calendar has been set dialog when saving a transaction Fixed a problem where saving a transaction with the calendar icon enabled resulted in an error on macOS Sonoma.
Tabbed Windows Fixed a problem where tabbed windows would sometimes not behave correctly on macOS Sonoma
1099 print preference Added a 1099 preference to indicate if your forms were purchased from Intuit
IRS e-filing regulation changes Added an alert to 1099 processing informing users of new filing requirements for 10 or more returns.
Mac OS Sonoma Bill Management window – unable to tab Fixed a problem with tabbing through fields in the Bill Mgmt window while running on macOS Sonoma.
Mac OS Sonoma: Scroll in Customer:Job screen Fixed: the Customer:Job screen will scroll properly while on macOS Sonoma.
Mac OS Sonoma: Weekly Timesheet Fixed a problem where keyboard navigation would not work on fields on the Weekly Timesheet while running on macOS SOnoma.
Mac OS Sonoma: Download transactions Fixed a problem where an account field would not update correctly in the Download Transactions window while running on macOS Sonoma.
Mac OS Sonoma: Statement Charges window Fixed a crash that could sometimes occur closing the statement charges window while running on macOS Sonoma.
Company file password not saved to keychain after upgrade Filed a problem where company file password would sometimes not get saved to the Keychain after upgrading a company file.
Change Item Prices window Added hlep content for Change Item Prices window.
Class combo box in the Adjust Quantity/Value on hand window Fixed: the Class combo box in the Adjust Quantity/Value on Hand window no longer has overlapping drop-down arrows..
Adjust Qty/Value on Hand • Fixed a problem where columns would not expand to a full screen width view of the Adjust Quantity/Value on Hand window.
• Fixed a problem where the Adjust Quantity/Value on Hand doesn’t detect changes to save while runnign on macOS Sonoma.
Online Banking Assistant Fixed a problem where OnLine Banking Assistant would not finish loading transactions from certain banks.
Users and Passwords Fixed a problem with incorrect field tab ordering in the Users and Password window.
Enhancement: Added customer email/ phone number columns to reports including A/R Aging Added the ability to show customer email and phone number on A/R Aging report.
Tooltips in inventory filters Added tooltip information to Inventory filters in reporting.
Inventory filters Improved the abbreviated names on some report filters.
Locked column widths reset after changing report option Fixed a problem where report column widths could sometimes get reset when changing report date filter.
Crash encountered trying to open Snapshot Fixed a problem where opening Snapshot (manual or auto-open on company file open) could sometimes crash.


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