How to fix QuickBooks Error 6123 | Step by Step Process

QuickBooks is quite useful for purposes of management of finances and tasks in accounting, however, like any other software, it has its share of errors. The most frequent mistake that users get to encounter is QuickBooks Error 6123. This mistake will not only hamper your workflow but will also infuse frustration as you attempt to figure out what went wrong only to learn that it can be resolved. In the next guide, I’ll expound on such a complex issue as QuickBooks Error 6123 and will provide many different solutions for it.

Fundamental reasons of QuickBooks Error Code 6123

For you to successfully troubleshoot and fix QuickBooks Error 6123, it is important that first you must recognize where it all comes from. 

  • Rapidly-crashed company files or QuickBooks system.
  • The difficulty of network connectivity or the firewall settings. Listen to the given audio and copy down the words.
  • Incorrect folder permissions.
  • Corrupted QuickBooks components.
  • Presence of special characters like ~`!@$%^&()+=- or long names in the file name.

Techniques for removal of QuickBooks Error Code 6123.

Condition 1: The Error Returns When the Backup (.qbb) Is Restored on a New System.

Process 1: Transferring a Portable Company File (.qbm) between machines can be used to save and restore company documents.

Saving company file (.qbm) from the backup file (.qbb) and then restoring it usually solves this issue. 

1. Launch QuickBooks by choosing the File menu.

2. In this case you must proceed by Select the Copy > Portable Company File (QBM).

3. Click on save button and provide the destination path for saving this sheet.

4. Make a backup of the portable company file and then look to see if the error persists after the restoration.

Process 2: Use the Quickbooks Auto Data Recovery (ADR).

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Fast ADR in QuickBooks might be very beneficial setting it to recover lost or damaged data automatically. 

1. Go to the ADR folder in your company file folder at QuickBooks.

2. Try getting the most current .ADR file and following the provided steps by QuickBooks to recover data.

Condition 2: Manually Steer the Multi-user Setup

Step 1: Change the names of the .ND and .TLG files.

For Windows 10 & 8:

1. Search for the folder that contains your company file.

2. Look for the applicable .ND and .TLG files.

3. This is done by right clicking on each file and then choosing Rename.

4. Finish by “.old” adding the end of the file names to rename them.

For Windows 7:

1. Press the Start button and go to QuickBooks Database Server Manager by searching for it.

2. Open the application, then the Scan Folders tab.

3. Attach the folder that the company file is in.

4. Kindly click on the Start Scan button to rescan the folder.

Step 2: Establish Approved Folder Permissions

Be sure that the folder holding your company report is managed with the correct settings for all users.

Step 3: Change the Company File location.

Sometimes, copying the company file from one position to the other can solve the problem. Copy the file to a new location, and then attempt to open it from there.

Step 4: Test Firewall & Antivirus Ports

Ensure that you permit QuickBooks to pass through the security of your firewall and antivirus software. You may have to go with port configuration manually.

Step 5: Altering Host Settings in QuickBooks

Launch QuickBooks and choose the File option from the menu. From Utilities select Host > Multi-User Access. Turn on and off the toggle next to Hosting to restart the options.

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Condition 3: An Error Occurs In The Process Of Opening or Upgrading A Company File.

It is paramount to sift through the depths of QuickBooks Error 6123, especially when upgrading or launching your company file, to understand the underlying reasons and resort to the different methods of discerning the issue.

Process 1: Rename the Company File or Get rid of Any Symbols if Available.

One of the most familiar reasons for Quickbooks Error 6123 is the presence of long file names or special characters in the company file. 

1. Navigate to the location of your QuickBooks company file

2.Open the company file by clicking right on it and choose the context menu from the right click menu.

3. From the menu, choose the Rename option.

4. Please make sure that the name of the file does not contain any special characters or symbols.If present, remove them.

5. Furthermore, if the name of the file is too big, try to shorten it to a more appropriate size.

6. After you’ve completed the required changes just save the updates and try to open your corporate file again.

Process 2: Utilize QuickBooks Tool Hub Program for Problem Resolution This Error.

The QuickBooks Tool Hub offered by Intuit is an all-in-one solution to the multiple QuickBooks errors, including Error 6123. 

1. Browse the Intuit official website and download the application of QuickBooks Tool Hub.

2. After successful download, you will now need to follow the on-screen installation guide to install the Tool Hub on your system.

3. On finishing installation, please open the program “Tool Hub” by double-clicking on its icon.

4. Within the Tool Hub interface, move to the acceptable chapter or tool designed for debugging Error 6123.

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5. Depending on the actual tool or utility you’re working with, careful observation is necessary in order to identify and correct the error based on the given on-screen instructions.

Process 3: Give Your System A Restart Mode While Safe

Switching your computer to Safe Mode brings this inconvenience in check, as you can find out if the problem is caused by a third-party software conflict. 

1. Restart your computer and continue pressing the right button (usually F8) to enter the Advanced Boot Options Menu.

2. From the Advanced Boot Options menu, please select the mode to boot in Safe Mode and press Enter.

3. Activate the Safe Mode now and try to open QuickBooks along with accessing the company file to see if the issue reoccurs.

Process 4: Disable the System Security Programs (SSP).

Sometimes the process of disabling third-party protection applications, like antivirus and firewall, permits detecting if they cause problems with QuickBooks. 

1. Launch the program of your antivirus or firewall system.

2. See if you can find time-dependent or firewall choices that could be temporarily disabled.

3. In the deactivated security software state, access QuickBooks and the concerned company file to find out if the error still persists.

Getting the defect 6123 of QuickBooks could be a difficult hurdle in your accounting workflow, but the right troubleshooting steps can help you surmount the barrier. Through the discovery of the root cause of the error and following the steps described in the instruction, you will be able to tackle the problem of QuickBooks Error 6123 and avoid its recurrence in future uses. Remember, regular data backups and a stable operating environment should be given a priority in order to make sure that your QuickBooks works well.

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