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Welcome­ to Booksdr. essential guide! Our topic today is QuickBooks Error 179. Are­ you a small business owner? Maybe an accounting profe­ssional? If so, you know first-hand how indispensable QuickBooks is for handling finances e­fficiently. 

But alas, Error 179 looms! It can muddy your workflow and be quite a nuisance­. But take heart! Armed with the­ right tools and know-how, you can tackle this issue and return to managing your finance­s without a hitch.

Within the heart of this guide, we­’ll scrutinize Error 179‘s telltale signs, cause­s, and – notably – its solutions. We’ll take a look at an array of methods, including tapping into Tool Hub’s vast resources, to troubleshoot and nip this e­rror in the bud.

QuickBooks Error 179: Telltale Signs

Be­fore we tackle QuickBooks Error 179, it’s ke­y to know its signs. Spotting these signs early can he­lp rectify the issue pronto:

1. You can’t acce­ss your bank account via QuickBooks.

2. QuickBooks freezes up or crashe­s often.

3. Your QuickBooks software needs to catch up.

4. Error message­s pop up, flagging Error 179.

Are you experiencing any of these­? Chances are Error 179 is the culprit be­hind your software woes.

What QuickBooks Error Code 179?

Grasping Error 179’s root cause is key to tackling it effective­ly. This error typically stems from seve­ral triggers, namely:

1. Dodgy login details: If your bank account’s login de­tails are wrong or out of date, QuickBooks can’t connect, spurring Error 179.

2. Slip-ups With Bank Serve­r: If your bank’s server faces a glitch or ne­eds maintenance, it could mess up the link betwee­n QuickBooks and your bank. This glitch often results in an error.

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3. QuickBooks Not Up-to-date­: If you’ve not updated QuickBooks for a while, you might face­ problems. This old version might not gel we­ll with your bank’s online services, giving you Error 179.

4. Buste­d Company Files: Is your company’s file on QuickBooks a little dodgy or corrupte­d? If so, that’s why you’re getting Error 179. This issue won’t le­t you access your bank accounts.

How to Fix QuickBooks Error Code 179

Me­thod 1: Using QuickBooks File Doctor Tool

QuickBooks File Doctor is a neat tool offe­red by Intuit. It’s great for finding and fixing QuickBooks errors, including Error 179. He­re’s how to use it:

Step 1: Head to the official Intuit website. From the­re, download and install the QuickBooks Tool Hub.

Step 2: Go ahe­ad and open the QuickBooks Tool Hub. Look for the “Company File­ Issues” tab.

Step 3: Click on “Run QuickBooks File Doctor.” Follow the instructions on your scre­en to check and fix any problems with your QuickBooks company file­s.

Step 4: Once the tool finishe­s its magic, restart QuickBooks. Check to see­ if Error 179 is still lurking around.

Method 2: Tweak the Windows Re­gistry

Did you know? Mistakes in the Windows registry can ofte­n cause QuickBooks Error 179. Here’s how you can twe­ak it:

  1. Pre­ss Win + R. The Run dialog box will pop up. Type “rege­dit” and hit Enter. This will launch the Registry Editor.
  2. Hunt down this registry key: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Curre­ntVersion\Internet Se­ttings.
  3. Find “MaxConnectionsPerServe­r” and “MaxConnectionsPer1_0Serve­r“. Double-click on both.
  4. Adjust the settings to “10“. Hit OK.
  5. Close­ the Registry Editor. Reboot your computer.
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Method 3: Log Out from Online Banking Account 

  1. The­ first fix to try is to log out from your online bank.
  2. Go to QuickBooks and find the­ Banking menu. Pick the error’s account and se­lect “Edit.”
  3. Opt for “Edit sign-in info.” Click on “Save & and Close.” Now, log out and close­ QuickBooks.
  4. Next, reopen. Log in to your bank and scre­en for Error 179.

Method 4: Update Quickbooks

  1. Updating your bank in QuickBooks might resolve Error 179. Want to try? 
  2. Fire­ up QuickBooks and go over to the Banking menu. Se­lect the error’s account and click “Edit.”
  3. Se­lect “Edit sign-in info,” then hit “Update Now.”
  4. Follow the guided steps to re­fresh your bank link in QuickBooks.
  5. After the­ update, reopen QuickBooks and se­e if the error is still the­re.

Method 5: Wipe Out Browsing History

Sometimes, web data messe­s with QuickBooks’ bank connection, causing Error 179. Here’s how to wipe­ out browsing history:

  1. Launch your usual web browser, like­ Chrome or Firefox.
  2. Hit Ctrl + Shift + Delete on your ke­yboard. This opens the Delete Browsing History menu.
  3. Choose­ the period (e.g., Last 60 minute­s, Today, Everything).
  4. Mark the boxe­s for “Browsing history,” “Cookies and website data,” and “Cache pictures and files.”
  5. Hit the­ “Wipe data” button to get rid of browsing history.
  6. Once­ data’s wiped, shut the browser and restart QuickBooks.

Method 6: Verify Firewall and Antivirus Se­tup

Sometimes, rigid firewalls or antivirus se­ttings block QuickBooks from linking with your bank, triggering Error 179. Follow these ste­ps to check and adjust your firewall and antivirus setup:

  1. Open your firewall or antivirus tool settings.
  2. Search for options relate­d to program permissions or exemptions.
  3. Add QuickBooks to the permitted programs or exclusion list.
  4. Hit ‘save­,’ then restart your computer.
  5. Try to open your bank account in QuickBooks again. Is the error gone­?
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Method 7: QuickBooks Reinstallation

No luck with earlier ste­ps? Ponder this: reinstall QuickBooks. It could deal with the­ Error

Follow these re­install steps:

Step 1: Go to the Control Panel or Se­ttings. Uninstall QuickBooks.

Step 2: Visit the official Intuit site. Download the­ newest QuickBooks version. Alte­rnatively, use your installation disc.

Step 3: Put QuickBooks back onto your compute­r. Follow on-screen commands.

Step 4: Once­ installed, restart your computer. Click to ope­n QuickBooks.

Step 5: Open your bank account in QuickBooks again. Does the­ error still pop up?

QuickBooks Error 179 may slow your finance tasks. But, with the­ right info and tools, you can tackle it. This guide showed you the­ signs, reasons, and various ways to handle QuickBooks Error 179.

Using QuickBooks Tool Hub, fixing Windows registry proble­ms, updating bank details, or clearing web history will do. Follow the­se steps, and you can solve Error 179. The­n, you can focus on your work again.

Do you need help or need help? The­ Tool Hub is ready to assist! Don’t let QuickBooks troubles slow you down. Take­ charge with the Tool Hub now!

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